Starting the outline

Looking at the NaNoWriMo forums on Saturday I found and downloaded some spreadsheets to use in planning for next month. One is called Cameron’s Outline Helper. I uploaded it to my Google Documents and plugged in the date. There are several steps with deadlines given. My first deadline is today, about two hours ago. I was a little late in completing the first task, but that’s okay. It was just writing a one sentence synopsis of the book. Going with my idea that I originally wanted to write as a short story but realized I had to expand if I was to do it any justice, I wrote the following sentence:

“Long lost twin sisters are reunited as one searches for the truth about their parents, and the other is faced with a friend’s AIDS diagnosis.”

This could very well change, but at least I have a start. And now to dig out what I saved that I had written. I will have to decide what part of the plot I need to discard and what to just rewrite. More updates to come. Next deadline is Wednesday, turning points in the plot.