I’ve accepted two dares from the forum. I figure the first one is going to be easy, but the second will be a bit of a challenge. Sounds fair, right?

  1. “Well, he said he was pretty drunk at the time…”
  2. A character finishes every sentence with “according to the prophecy.” Bonus if it only makes sense to that character.

In return I’ve left two:

  1. Name your main characters after characters on the TV show Friends.
    BP: Your chapters are named after episodes of the show
    DBP: Gunther and Rachel end up together (either forevever or for a one night stand, your choice)
    TBP: You include the part about Phoebe having her brother’s babies, only this time it happened the old fashioned way
    QBP: …nobody thinks it bizarre.
  2. A rousing game of Trivial Pursuit: Totally 80s
    BP: You include actual questions from the game
    TBP: The game is a major plot point.

Yes, it’s true, my dares are inspired by games in my closet. But I tried to follow it up with imaginative bonuses, at least for the Friends one. LOL… Oh wow, it’s 3:30? I have to be up at 9, grr. Evil work. I can already tell the NaNo forums will be bad for my sleep habits.