Index cards, No Plot?

Last night I made up notecards for my characters and places. I read through the drafts I wrote a few years ago and took notes on things, and that’s it. No more reading that until after November is over. I also have pictures of several characters because I like to have what I call a Photo Album of my main characters. It helps me write about them if I can see them. These pictures are from when I was working on the story before, and they were cut out of magazines. They won’t be included if my book ever gets published, of course, but a working reference is good. I printed up copies of the pictures and taped them on the back of each character’s notecard. I don’t generally use index cards when I write but I have TONS of them, and I think it’ll be harder to keep track of things with a novel than it is with a short story.

Yesterday I got No plot? No problem! in the mail. Since I was busy with other things, and then with the notecards, I only read through the introduction last night. But I figure there’s no rush, and if I read one chapter a night it will give me time for the information to sink in more.