Today I spent several hours updating my Ipod Nano. Deleted some old stuff, and added a ton of new stuff. What took so long? Copying a LOT of CD’s to my computer, and then putting them onto the Ipod. And then of course backing up my music files to my external hard drive. While I was at it I backed up my Creative Writing folder, which has had some additions since the last time I backed up. I have some things that aren’t in there, namely things I’m saving on Google Docs to post here, but I figure that’s pretty safe.

This project includes lots of songs in two categories, stuff that is instrumental or otherwise soothing for writing, and stuff that is fun and distracting for breaks. That way if I feel like writing without the games and Internet that is on my new computer, I could take my old laptop and my Ipod out of the house somewhere and transfer the words into Google Docs later.

Otherwise not much going on. I’m stopped at the part of No Plot?… No Problem! where Chris says to stop reading until each week in NaNoWriMo. I already read Lazette’s NaNo For the New and Insane. I don’t want to do too much prep work with my novel because I enjoy writing more when I don’t know exactly what will happen. And I am slowly working up to 2k a day (which is a fancy, positive way of saying I didn’t write anything since the last link posted).

Oh yeah, I drew a picture of my Internal Editor inside a Ball jar (the kind used for homemade jam) saying “I will bug the shit out of you when I get out!” and the caption Internal Editor in a Jar for NaNoWriMo. I won’t scan and post it because I can’t draw very well, but apparently my IE has hair like Brittany in Daria.