Change of plans

I have decided that I like my new fantasy/fairy tale novel idea much better than the other idea I had. Especially because my other idea is old and I have been away so long that I’m not at the same place in my life I was then, and I don’t think I could do justice to it the way I thought it up nine years ago, or whatever it’s been.

So I’m not going to keep working on it yet. In fact, I won’t even look at it again until after my 50k words (60k, if I stick with my personal goal). November 1st I will restart it from scratch, and not include any of the 1803 words that it is right now. After November I will compare the current stuff to the new stuff and figure out what’s best and use that. I looked at the NaNo forums for official word on this and someone else had asked a similar question, so this is allowed. And for me it will allow for a lot more creativity.