Pre-kickoff meeting was fun…

…even though it was mostly chit chat. I think I like that a few of the others already know each other, because that comfort made me feel more comfortable. Plus it turns out one of my sister’s friends is in the group too, so I did sort of know someone myself anyway. And besides, the whole point of the group is to have writer friends with the same goal of writing 50k in one month, and having some experienced Wrimos in the group is great because I know who to call on for help and advice. There were five people today (I’m the baby at 25, the others are 26, 29, 31, and 34), and I know there are a few others mentioned that just couldn’t make it today.

After the meeting I came home and had dinner, then worked on some organization of writing stuff. I now have a spiral notebook with NaNo notes, which I can add to with advice from the boards as well as notes about local meetings and stuff like that. I have another spiral notebook (I’m talking cute ones from the bookstore, not the kind you get for school at the office supply store) for my novel notes, pictures or other items that are relevant that I can tape in, etc. Like I have a fortune that I found in a box while I was cleaning on Friday, and it sounds like the kind of inspiration that would be good to have when my MC starts to get frustrated on her quest. She can find the fortune cookie in her pocket because she’s hungry, and then read the fortune and push forward full speed ahead.

Tomorrow – read and take notes on the info I printed the other day on the Quest Archetype and the Native American (Lakotas) Vision Quest… and if I decide to incorporate anything about the Vision Quest, rewatch the part of Into the West that had it… and after listening to the end of Forrest Gump audiobook in the car (which is almost done) start listening to The Farthest Away Mountain again, since I recently found my copy.