Mas joined!

I’m SO excited. My friend Mas, who I have known since Kindergarten, has signed up for NaNo! She had also heard of it before and wanted to try it, and I guess since I’m doing it that was incentive enough for her. So even though she wasn’t at the meeting yesterday, hopefully she’ll make it to the next one. And the one after that. And…

In other news, I’ve been making a LOT of notes in my notebook about the Hero/Quest Archetype and all that… definitely do-able. I also read a little about Native American Vision Quests, and I will probably skip that. It’s not really the same thing at all. As I was writing notes on the parts and people of the Quest Archetype I was thinking about how to incorporate everything into my novel. I’m glad to have this basic guideline without having to outline everything. I need flexibility, I need to let the characters lead me on this journey. If I have too much figured out, I lose interest. However, with little more than a week until November starts, the butterflies are starting to take up residence in my stomach. Can I really do this? Am I crazy? Is there anything more I can get out of part 1 of Chris Baty’s book?

32 minutes until midnight, when I will hopefully be going to bed. Before that… working on more preparations.

To Do: come up with character and plot ideas for Sunday’s kickoff party- Our ML wants to have an “idea box” to help cure writer’s block.