Monday night’s forays into the NaNo forums led me to Q10. This software is a very basic text editor, with the added bonus of typewriter clacking sounds as you type. Pretty much everything you need to know is on that home page. Almost everyone on the forum thread had high praise for the simple program and I must say, it looks good. It takes away pretty much all forms of formatting, since it is a .txt editor, which means it’s a lot less procrastination built in. Not the format you’d want for a final draft, but for a first draft I think it’s fine.

Something I’ve been thinking about: chapters. I don’t know if I will use chapters or not. Not all novels have chapters, and since I’ve only written short stories I don’t know if my writing nature will lead me toward or away from chapters. For the most accurate word count possible, I’m considering using no chapters (possibly just a few extra lines between sections). I think having “Chapter 1” and “Chapter 2” and so on shouldn’t count in the final word count, at least not for me. I want 50k (actually 60k, hopefully) of pure novel.

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  1. I've always omitted chapter numbers and titles from the final word count. I tend to write in scenes rather than chapters, but I just group them into "chapters" or "parts" for convenience.

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