Poughkeepsie Area Kickoff Party

Lots of fun again. Not that I thought it would be any different. Mas came, yay! In all there were the five from last week plus three more people. We talked about our ideas, and we did a writing exercise, and then made an idea box (jotted down ideas on small pieces of paper, which we can randomly pick when we have writer’s block and hopefully the idea will un-stuck us). The idea box is filled and I’m sure it will only keep growing. Haha. At the end we went around picking them out and reading them aloud, and sometimes hearing one would spark another idea, or a conversation that sparked an idea. Ooh, and we drew pictures of our inner editors and sealed them in envelopes until after November is over. (I will scan and post after I get mine back.)

So the writing exercise. We did it twice. Everyone writes a simple sentence, then we randomly pick someone else’s sentence and lengthen it. The intent is to get in the habit of “word padding” — making things take more words to express than may first come to mind. I got one that I promised to post here.

Original sentence: Wembly saw the human through the entrance.

My take: Wembly was on the lam. He had finally gotten sick of Gobo making him play second fiddle, so while nobody was looking he pushed his former friend into some doozler buildings. Gobo fell and hit his head on the cave wall, and Wembly knew by the amount of blood that Gobo would breathe no more. His last words were, “Tell Uncle Traveling Matt I love him.” The killer had made it to the hole in the wall, and Sprocket was nowhere in sight. He was about to make a run for it when he saw the human walk through the entrance to the kitchen. Uh oh, where could he go now? Any minute, Red would find the lifeless body…

edited to add: Cassie had a camera and posted a pic of some of us.

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