In response to….

Cassie’s “NaNoWriMoFreakOut” (blog post no longer available)

On the one hand, since this is my first NaNoWriMo, I kind of understand the self-doubt. Except that for one thing, I have a very very sadly very part time job. Which means lots of hours for writing. But beside that, I was an English Lit major in college. I am used to pumping out five page papers in very little time (despite having months or weeks to do them, let’s face it: crunch time really is the most productive time). And since these papers were usually for midterms and finals, it was not uncommon to have three or four such papers due within a few days. And I did it for three and a half years. Not to mention the 20 page paper, when I did 15 overnight the night before it was due despite having a whole semester to do it.

Me? Freaking out? Not at the moment. I’m totally psyched and can’t wait for November to get here… and did I mention the cheapasfree candy?