Write in 1, Word Count for November 4

First write in was today and I was not very productive. I had plenty to write in the beginning, knowing the story, and now that I’m not sure what’s happening (I know the big picture, but the details are fuzzy) it’s slow going. But I plan on pushing myself tonight because if I can just get this scene figured out, I should hit 10k.

Word count right now: 8565.

I wrote a bit of what happens after this scene, but I really can’t go much further unless I know what happened here. So I have to figure it out and write it. It’s going to be harder to write if I wait until tomorrow, I need to push past the writer’s block today.

Hmm… Five hours to write under 1500 words. I can totally do this, that’s pretty much what I wrote at the write in, in the same amount of time. Now if I can just hit on some inspiration…