Final Word Count For November 4


I think I should make an appointment for the chiropractor for December 1st. My back is already killing from sitting at my computer all day. But pain is good.

Oh! I got through my impossible scene! I could not envision it at all, just knew what basically (very vaguely) had to happen to advance the plot. I skipped the scene and wrote the next. Then realized that I really did have to write that scene before I can continue on, otherwise it will haunt me. I can always change it later. But I need to know what happens, so I can refer to it later. So while ahead on my word count, I decided that it will be worse to wait until tomorrow. Best thing would be to tackle it today, to push myself to write something. And right now I don’t think it’s all that bad… but proper judgement is only seen in hindsight, so we’ll have to wait and see if I still agree when it’s done. At least I accomplished the day’s goals: I got that scene done, so I once again have a whole narrative with nothing missing so far; and I reached the first 10k. Now I’m ready for bedtime!