Monday’s Word Count (Nov 5)

11253. After a huge writing day yesterday, I just felt like watching TV. Then at my very part time job at the library in the evening (5-8) I was image.googling to help me picture the places and characters in my novel, and got some ideas of some things. I wrote about 500 words there before leaving, which included the beginning of a great idea that can take up several scenes. So I came home and wrote another 500. Not a huge day for the word count, but making progress on the planning part is still good. Tomorrow is a meetup and I might actually bring my laptop, since I work in the morning 10-2. We’ll see how much I get done in the three hours I will probably have available to me. Wednesday I also won’t have a ton of time, and I don’t want to burn out Thursday by feeling the need to write a ton to compensate. Maybe I’ll bring my laptop to work and just stay there off the clock to write for a while? Or maybe I’ll bring the book I haven’t been looking at that I need to for research on the structure I’m using for my novel, that’s probably a much better idea. I should have been doing that today.