I made progress, I swear

Yesterday I only wrote 752, a record low for the month. But it did get me up to 12,005 which is on schedule for 60k. Plus I did more preparation work for the coming scenes. There is going to be a ritual, so the next few scenes have to prepare for that, and then I will be writing the scene with the ritual. So I have been working on the details for that. Still to do: look up the words of the chant I made up and see if they mean anything, because they sound kinda latin.

Plus, since my MC just met the love interest, I have to tend the seeds I planted. It’s fun writing the beginning stages of that, when everything is uncertain and some things are off limits (the group is heading to his home for the night and he says there is room for the four of them, and she wonders where he sleeps, then blushes and changes the topic).

I’m also working on my foreshadowing, but some of the clues are still too obvious maybe, so at some point I might need to tone them down. It will be fun when I am all done with writing, and satisfied with the editing, and I can have people read it and then answer a questionnaire. “Did you know ___ before it was revealed in the ____ scene? If yes, when did you figure that out?”