Word Count: Thursday Nov 8, 2007 / Pandora

The goal of 60k means I should finish today at 16k. Well, my word count is 16,076, so success! The best part is that I still have lots of time in the day to write more… only I’ve been on break for over an hour now and have to get myself back on schedule. I baked a cake after reaching my goal of 3k words today, and I have to come up with a new goal to reach before frosting it. The other problem is that I have lots of stuff TiVo’d recently that I really want to watch. So maybe I should make TV my reward.

I think I will go watch last night’s Kid Nation while I ponder further goals for today.

Oh yeah, and a word about music. Pandora is genius. I put it on while I’m writing and just go. I can choose different types of music. I started with 80s when I was writing the beginning of my novel. When I was writing about Fizzlypop the jazz gnome on Sunday I switched to Ella Fitzgerald and the like. And lately I’ve done either pop/rock, or country. I like that I can tell it what I like and don’t like, and then let it pick songs for me.