I decided that to plan my plot isn’t going to work, so instead I figured I’d plan the landscape. In fact, I had a character basically tell the others “first we go to X, then Y, then Z.” Well here’s the problem. I didn’t know how I was going to stretch it to be another two nights before they get to the castle. Then it hit me: dwarf village! The dwarves can be former good guys that had it in their self-interest to bow down to the evil lord, thus they are a danger to Callie and her friends.

I can always shorten it by taking out some locations if necessary, but at least there is something set up for me to work with, and there are potential spots for baddies.

Now if you will excuse me, I have to go write. Because today was not a writing day so far (377 words) and I have under 3k to reach 20k total, which would be awesome to get to by midnight.

PS- Last night Aimee and I were chatting on AIM about our stories. Did I mention we were the only two people who showed up to the meet up on Tuesday? It’s good though, I like that we have been bouncing ideas off of each other. Hopefully I have enough plans in mind, vague though they are, to have a busy Sunday.