25,162. I have officially crossed the halfway mark. AKA- It’s all downhill from here.

I remember when I hit 10k, which was a lot for me. It was last Sunday, and I was amazed at myself. Today, I hit a new milestone. This is a huge one. If I stay at this pace I will hit 50k on the 23rd. In fact, I have a spreadsheet with different columns and formulas, and one column calculates my pace and expected date of completion. Today marks the fifth in a row that this date has been the 23rd. It’s really working for me to focus on that date. I have started making it a daily goal to reach that date. If I don’t write much tomorrow the date will start backing toward the end of the month. So my minimum daily goal is to write enough to keep the end date on the 23rd, and if I write more that is fantastic.

This is an amazing feeling, and I’m actually going to read the Week Three chapter of No Plot? No Problem tonight before bed, since the week two slowness happened the beginning of last week (Mon.-Wed.) and now I’m passed that and into the excitement of being able to see the finish line, possibly just 10 days from tomorrow.