Almost 30k

WC: 29,162 My AIM away message for the overnight:

Close to 1000 words in about 25 minutes after Mark left. Amazing speed (yesterday was an hour for 1k) and brought my total from 2056 to 3000 today. 🙂 If he had left a half hour earlier I could have done the extra 838 to bring me to 30k… oh well, I’ll obviously cross that threshold Thursday (today, by the clock).

Bedtime. But yeah, it’s getting to the REALLY good part. 🙂

I am feeling GREAT about my progress and can’t believe that I could be done in a week if I keep having awesome writing days like this.

Seriously. If I do 3k a day I can finish Wednesday. OMG, that’s my goal. My new goal, 3k a day. I think with wrapping up the story it is definitely do-able. Wow, a 50k novel in 3 weeks, that will be a great accomplishment. Let’s hope I am still feeling this motivated tomorrow and Friday. 🙂