Just shy of 35k

I fell short of my 3k goal today, but not by much. I didn’t feel like writing all day, but at 9:30 I felt guilty about it, and sad that I wasn’t going to reach my goal, so I pushed through and ended up at 34,800 words… 2637 today. It’s a lot to write in the short time I had when I didn’t have an exact idea of what would be happening, so I am okay with falling a little short. I’m sure I can catch up tomorrow at work- I’ll be there 7 hours, and Saturdays often allow me lots of time for doing my own thing. Considering that’s the only time I’ll have for writing all day, I have to make the most of it.

I really wanted to pass the 35k point today, so I’m a little bummed about missing it by 200… but I’ll get it tomorrow, no problem. 🙂