Why 200 words bummed me out… and what I plan to do about it

Chris Baty’s newest blog post sums it up far better than I ever could:

At 35K, the stars fall into alignment and gravity begins pulling you towards the finish line and angels begin quietly humming a little victory march.

The humming of angels. Its is a wonderful thing.

So yes, I was bummed not to hit 35k by midnight last night. But I’m working at a computer all day, and hopefully the fast that it’s the weekend before Thanksgiving will mean few to zero homework questions, and that most people will be out getting ready for the holidays. It’s getting closer to the really dead time of year for libraries, and I hope today I can use that fact to get farther along in my novel. It will be different to write at a desk, rather than laying on my stomach in bed, and I think my body will thank me for it.

The good news it, the evil lord has been defeated (though rewrites may be in order, not sure I like that scene yet) and now all that’s left is lots of glorious concluding. 🙂