Expect the Unexpected

Everywhere you read tips for NaNoWriMo, they always say to get ahead on your word count because you never know what will happen. And I thought, nah. My life is boring. Nothing is going to happen.

I was wrong.

Something happened in my personal life, and as a result I have not written anything today. (My spreadsheet now says I will never finish the 50k at today’s rate of 0 words per day. AAAAGGGHHHH!!!!)

So hopefully tomorrow I will write more. I don’t think I can finish by Wednesday night. Unless I can be, like, NOT distracted the next few days (yeah right). Or maybe the inspiration for the end will just hit and I will have massively huge word count days. That would be good. Except I have plans tomorrow for manicure with mom, and work 5-8. So tomorrow will not be productive.

One of these days, I swear. If I can just do 1156 words a day I will finish on the 30th. If I do more I will finish sooner. Which is what I want to do.