Yay! I finished writing a 50k (plus one) word novel in 21 days. Yep, finished by midnight. Three weeks, that’s amazing. Best of all, I don’t have to THINK about editing this until after the holidays. Of course, I still want to go to the final write in, meetup, and the TGIO party, whenever that is.

I was originally going to go for 60k, but I wrapping it up pretty well. I could always add in more here and there (which is what I had to do for about the last 2500 words) but I am done for now. All in all I don’t think it’s too bad at all… We’ll see if I still think so when I start editing.

How did I finish when my 3k/day didn’t go over so well? By writing a grand total of 8771 on the day before Thanksgiving. I made a big push and achieved what I didn’t even dream about. I was hoping to get 50k in 30 days, and I did it in 21. I need my own TGIO party. Luckily tomorrow is Turkey Day. 🙂

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