I’m starting a new novel for “JanNo” — due to the holiday I’ve gotten a very small start- won’t even get to 200 words for day one. But I know that as the momentum builds (read: and I figure out a more complete plot) so will the word count. I’m not going to say my plot here, not even the tiny bit I have figured out, but I will post my first hundred or so words, for what it’s worth:

Once upon a time there was a beautiful golden haired princess. Aurelia was loved by everyone in her kingdom, from her benevolent royal parents down to the very last scullery maid. She lived the perfect life and had everything she could ever ask for. The latest gadgets, the best clothes, and the most handsome suitors were always ready for her selection no matter which direction her tastes swayed.

On one particular day Aurelia was hungering for a nice beefcake, and of course her boytoy wish was the command of Javier, her covertly gay best friend who worked as part time pruner for the head gardener at the castle and full time personal consultant for the princess.

It feels normal to be writing again. It was weird to take over a month off, and even though my first day was small, it’s going to get back to normal soon. And then hopefully after I finish my novel, I’ll keep up with writing every day, even just a little bit.

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