JanNo = NoNo

Okay, so I’m really not motivated to write this month. Too much going on. Like the real start of wedding planning! I’ve been adding a little bit (VERY little) every once in a while, but I haven’t even gotten to 700 words? Okay, so new goal. Finish this at some time this year. I can handle that, I think. Plus do one in November for NaNo again. Plus edit QfS (NaNoNoVel 2007).

So if I want to finish 50k in 11 months (skipping November for obvious reasons) it’s 4545 words per month. So… less than 4k to write in January! LOL. Hopefully I get more energy for this project at some point so I finish sooner than December 31st, but at least for now I don’t have to be blocked by disappointment that I won’t reach my goal.

One thought on “JanNo = NoNo

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