NaNoEdMo Countdown: 17 minutes and counting

By the time I post there will be less than 17, but that’s when I’m starting. So how did I spend the last day of preparation before EdMo begins? Here’s a list of some things I have done so far:

  • made a pudding pie (to snack on in the wee hours of the night while I get a head start on editing)
  • tested no less than TEN red pens to see which I like best; chose two
  • printed Jessica’s notes on my story… in a small font… with small margins… single spaced… on 50 pages
  • chose a spiral notebook (with butterflies on the cover) for jotting editing notes
  • remembered that I still have room in the spiral notebook I used for notes in NaNoWriMo; decided to use that instead
  • got my copy of Self-Editing for Fiction Writers by Renni Browne and Dave King out of my “writing stuff” box (actually, two big bins I have… mostly cute blank journals from the bookstore)
  • got out my large collection of stickers, to be used on my calendar to keep track of hours (on sticker per completed hour)
  • got a can of coke out of the fridge to help me stay up

Then there’s the don’t list.

  • Don’t watch TV or listen to music. I like some background noise when I’m writing, but for editing I need quiet so I can concentrate.
  • Don’t….

Nope, that’s it. Just one. LOL. I swear, I thought there would be more. Now in the 5 minutes I have left, I am watching the end of last week’s SNL. Will post lots of updates during EdMo, so watch this space. 😉