1st EdMo Update: 30 minutes

It’s far too cold in my basement bedroom to do any more editing tonight. My electric blanket is beckoning.

So far I spent 30 minutes working on this. I haven’t even gotten to the novel itself yet! I spent this half hour looking over notes Jessica sent me, and there are lots of great suggestions. I wrote a bare bones story, and the idea of trying to figure out exactly what to fix seemed terribly daunting. That’s why I decided to get another opinion. And I have to say, I am more than pleased. I’m definitely looking forward to tomorrow (today after sleep) when I will start by rereading my story, the version I printed today with her notes in yellow and red and purple. I’m sure it will take me several hours to get through that. I do have a single-spaced normal-font one-inch-margins copy of my story for notes, where I will be transposing things I want to use from Jessica as well as those of my mother and sister, who also read and took notes. When I am done compiling the simpler notes from those three sources, I will save and print Quest for Serentasia Draft 2.

After all of that, it will be time to start the major upheavals. This step will start with me reading and taking notes of my own, and then doing rewrites, new-writes, and deletions. End of Draft 3.

When I think my novel edits are done (ha ha, that’s a joke, I know edits are never ever done) I will start reading Self-Editing and see what I can glean from that to help me get to a completed Draft 4.

I have no idea how long any of these drafts will take, but I’m sure I can find 50 hours of things to do.
.. well, now that’s just 49.5 more hours. 🙂