Gosh, I’m glad I started before bedtime!

Earlier in the week I made plans for today to visit friends with my fiance (you know, the guy that didn’t have the patience to let me finish writing my novel in my first ever NaNoWriMo before he proposed). Yesterday we postponed the plans due to the impending “storm” that would leave us with “over 8 inches” of snow. So much snow, in fact, that my dad backed my car up to as close to the shed as possible so he wouldn’t have to shovel in front of the shed to get out the snow blower. I was fine with the delay, I would get to spend my Saturday working on edits to try to get ahead on my EdMo hour count. And then I woke up to my fiance’s call saying “Since the snow is all gone, the roads are just wet… we can visit today after all.”

Now, these are friends I haven’t seen in a few months, and I have known her for about half my life, and fiance has known her husband for almost as long. So yes, I want to visit. But…! I love editing, and it’s been hard to put it off completely until now, but I did want to wait long enough that I can come back with fresh eyes. And now that I’ve finally allowed myself to edit, and now that I’ve made preparations for it like finding the right red pen and making a pie, I am sad that I have to wait a day to really sink my teeth into it. It’s like planning a party and then at the last minute it’s canceled. All those plans and no fruition. At least not today.

I could have told my fiance that I had made alternate plans for the day, and that I would prefer visiting tomorrow. But then I realized with great joy that if we go today, then I can look forward to editing tomorrow, all day, with no interruptions and no one waking me up with a phone call reminding me when I’m supposed to go somewhere. I can turn off the cell phone and turn off the computer (okay, leave it on but close the top down) and tell everyone to leave me alone so I can get some work done.

I probably won’t even do anything more today, so I’m glad I got a head start in the middle of the night.