Sunday Scribblings #130: Wedding

Sunday Scribblings is a blog run by Meg Genge and Laini Taylor that posts weekly writing prompts. It just so happens that I decided this week would be my first post joining in the fun, and THEN I came to see the prompt is actually relevant to my personal life! I’ll probably try to post ultrashort stories sometimes, but this is just going to be some freewriting this week.


My wedding will be August 9, 2009. I can’t believe we’ve been engaged for almost a year (since November 17, 2007)! When I was little I don’t remember ever playing bride, though my sister had a bride dress-up outfit and she sometimes played bride. There is a popular belief that all little girls plan their future wedding day and by the time they get married, they’ve had specific pictures in their heads for years and just have to make it happen. That’s not true for me. I am making it up as I go along.

I have two words that override every decision I make: Simple, classy. I told my then-boyfriend Mark that I wanted an engagement ring that was simple and classy, and I got a single princess-cut diamond set in a platinum band. To me, this is perfect. It’s not too big and gaudy, it’s classy. Note that I’m not saying classic. I think classic is too often confused with old-fashioned, and I want my wedding to be modern. But I also want everyone leaving my wedding to walk away thinking it was simple but beautiful, with a high level of taste and elegance, but also a lot of fun and maybe slightly, slightly quirky.

The venue is gorgeous. My wedding gown is traditional but modern, with a fun twist. The flowers will be simple, but some of my favorites. I don’t have a clear picture of what I want some of the other things to look like, but my signature phrase is: “when I see the right one I’ll know.” I’ve always been picky, from childhood, with things like food and my clothes. At least that’s what other people say. I call it being selective. I know what I like and what I don’t like, and I’m not afraid to say “um… ew?” I can be stubborn, Aries ram that I am, but I find that if I stick with my gut reaction, I end up very happy with the results.


Didn’t know where this would lead when I started, but there you have it: wedding themed rambling that all ends with some interesting (maybe) insight into who I am. Stay tuned… I plan to keep up with Sunday Scribblings, and NaNoWriMo is just over a month away!

14 thoughts on “Sunday Scribblings #130: Wedding

  1. Welcome. I enjoyed your post and will keep watching for each sunday scribbling you submit. I hope your day is perfect for you both when it comes around.

  2. Dear Goddess Tess,Congratulations on your upcoming date.It seems that you have your priorities straight – KISS – keep it simple sweetie!!! Just remember that the wedding is one night and the marriage is for the rest of your life "or until death do us part".Thanks for sharing and writing!!!Wishing you,Peace & Love, Just Because,Goddess Diana

  3. I'm sure your wedding will be lovely and classy. Just be sure the groom is not put off by all the details, and let him take part in the plans. I enjoyed your post. My engagement ring has been on my hand now for 68 years – a diamond, emerald cut, with a plain white-gold band.Best wishes!

  4. I know I had dress-up outfits, but I thought I had a princess dress, not a wedding dress. I don't ever remember dressing up as a bride…

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