Sunday Scribblings #132: If I had to live at a different time in history

If I couldn’t live now, I would want to live in the days that feminism was starting to get big. Women’s suffrage? Yeah, that would be me. Picture Mrs. Banks in Mary Poppins (the movie). She was perfect: not afraid to speak up to her husband, a firm believer in women’s equal rights, and yet she was also impeccable in dress and hair and makeup, and she was full of poise and grace, and well-spoken. That’s who I would want to be, not the women of the seventies who burned their bras and refused to shave their legs and armpits.

I’m not a stereotypical “feminist bitch” or whatever who thinks women are superior to men. I just think it’s vital that women learn to assert themselves. Today in many fields, women earn less money on the dollar than men (okay that wording is awkward but you know what I mean) and that’s largely because women don’t value themselves enough to ask for what they are worth. I do believe that it’s A Man’s World, and women have to take it on ourselves to change that.

To illustrate my point (equality vs. feminine superiority) I want to talk about toilets. Many women feel that men should remember to put the toilet seat down. Why? If Mark has to put the toilet seat up before he goes, it’s only fair that I have to put it down before I do. And toilet paper. In the movie The Story of Us, Rita Wilson’s character talks about how men never change the toilet paper after finishing the roll. I’m sorry, but who the fuck cares? It takes what, 7 seconds to swap out the old roll for the new one? I can do that just as easily as he can. And besides, Mark always takes out the garbage. Equality: Mark likes to cook dinner, and as long as I don’t have to cook I will gladly to the dishes. It’s a give and take.

That’s why I think our relationship is so rock-solid. We’re realistic and fair, and we understand the give and take. Instead of paying me $30 towards the cable bill, he picks up my monthly $30 prescription at the pharmacy where he works and we call it even. I clean the kitchen, he cleans the bathroom. He vacuums the floor, I wash the table.

God, you know… I just love my life. I think it is so healthy, and really, I wouldn’t want to live any other time in history. I love who I am and I’m just so blessed in so many ways. But if I did have to be anyone else in history, right now the answer is that I would love to be Mrs. Banks.

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6 thoughts on “Sunday Scribblings #132: If I had to live at a different time in history

  1. That's a pretty broad, common stereotype that feminists think they are superior and that they are bitches. Is this your personal experience or is this your perception of feminist who aren't like you?Don't mean to be bitchy cause I'd flat out say so if I meant to be so, simply trying to understand the basis for your criticism.I think feminists are a diverse group of women. There's room enough for the lipstick and heels as well as the non-shaving members alike.By the way, my guy cooks but that doesn't make him superior to those who don't. Just means my guy cooks and I wash the dishes because that's what works for us.

  2. Your take on Mrs. Banks is interesting and quite different than my own. I thought the movie portrayed her as a bubble-head, someone caught up in a popular movement because it was the thing to do at the time. Given that she had three other women doing her job at home, it was easy for her to march about town.

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