Sunday Scribblings #134: "I don’t like myself. I’m CRAZY ABOUT MYSELF!" — Mae West

That’s right, I skipped last week because I was bored. I mean busy. I’m back now. This week is all about bragging rights, and I have them. Why? BECAUSE I’M AWESOME!

Wow, just saying that makes me feel like Barney Stinson.

I love that I am… a two year old at heart. When I’m happy, I’m jubilant. When I’m excited, I’m giddy. I giggle like a toddler when I’m tickled, and I love eating PBJs with a glass of milk and a chocolate chip cookie. I think a lot of people have this idea in their mind of what a grown up is, and that they have to try to control their emotions. I don’t. I think it’s great when my excitement and laughter is contagious.

Do you know… of course you don’t, I haven’t told you yet… that I still love walking on curbs as if they are balance beams? Like a little kid does though, with my arms straight out at the sides to help me balance. So what if people stare? And I don’t even know if they do. I just know that it’s fun and reminds me of when I was a child, which was a good time for me.

What’s green and has wheels? (This is my favorite joke, which I read in a book once. I ask people, they give up, I answer and crack up, and they look at me like I have three heads because they don’t think it’s nearly as funny as I do… and that cracks me up more.) Grass. I was kidding about the wheels!

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7 thoughts on “Sunday Scribblings #134: "I don’t like myself. I’m CRAZY ABOUT MYSELF!" — Mae West

  1. I love it and thanks for bringing back some of those childhood memories of curb walking I love that and so enjoy watching my kids do that now.

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