Best laid plans…

Earlier in the week I decided to look at the NaNo YWP workbooks to see if there was any good prep work I could try to help me get ideas. I used the character questionnaire on page 8 of the high school workbook and answered a lot of questions about Lily, the high school girl I mentioned before. I was so excited to be getting a better picture in my mind of who my main character would be. I did two Tarot spreads to help me figure out the plot and stuff. And then… I realized I was wrong.

Today I started thinking about inspiration (see that other post I’m too lazy to link to) and realized that I have all the elements for my story, and Lily is not my main character at all. The story is really about her mother. I sat down and looked at the Tarot readings again and they fit perfectly for the mother’s story. (Still have to name her, but I’ll get to it.) The whole point of my inspiration post was to help me figure out what to write and it actually worked, which I wasn’t 100% expecting. LOL. Pleasant surprise.

24.5 hours to go!

2 thoughts on “Best laid plans…

  1. Looks like inspiration hit just in time! My novel started writing itself in my head a few months ago so I've done a ton of planning. I probably should have written it then and thought of something else for Novemember. Oh well. At least I've already done all the research I could possible need. There'll be no procrastinating (that way)!Eight more hours!

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