Sunday Write-In

Today Mark went off to the Dallas/Giants football game (front row seats). When he left he had 8003 words. I had 1671. My goal was to have at least half his word count by the time he got home. I have a pretty light day, but I did surpass the minimum word count goal. And I got to 4067, so that is more than half what he has. Luckily I can catch up during the week while he works, and I can write at work. At least during lunch.

My story is developing as much as it can through a series of diary entries. I have decided that my teenager might not actually have to kill herself. I’m starting to really like her, and she just isn’t the suicidal type. Also decided her dad didn’t die when she was 8, but about ten months before the diary entries are written. I’m not dating them and the order might switch around, but at least I’m getting them written.

Still haven’t named her parents, but I did add a 3D Design class teacher name Mr. Yee, who is thus far a flat character, and a heavily tattooed biker named Dirk who owns/runs an archery place (sells supplies and teaches) called Arrow Smith. Dirk has a tattoo of a skull with a quiver and a bow instead of crossbones. He’s teaching Lily to do archery in exchange for free babysitting. But I haven’t decided who his kids are yet.

Anyway, I was at a write-in today. Five people including me, so not a bad size group. I got there an hour early so I ended up being there from 1pm until about 4:30pm. Oh, and saw a friend before I left, so that was a nice surprise.