Week 2 begins

Instead of being ahead at the end of week 1 I’ve fallen behind. Today I lost another 400 words-ish from where I should be, but I’m still okay with that. 11239 (instead of 13336) is still pretty good, considering I am totally pantsing* this year. Plus a lot of this stuff is really tough to write. Emily finding out her husband is dead. Emily telling Lily her father is dead. Emily forcing Lily to get dressed to go to the funeral. Emily shaking and howling in the shower after the funeral.

Every time I start I scene I have no idea what will happen next. I am not putting in much if any transitional material, just pressing enter a few times and starting the new scene. The pre-funeral scene was actually inspired by my new wine-red heels I bought today ($25, on sale from $50)!!! I had Emily slipping on red shoes, and decided that since she is an artist her husband never liked her in black – she paints with so many colors, surely she can wear something more creative. So she had asked him once, in jest, what she should wear to his funeral, and he pointed to a red dress. For some reason I guess she didn’t have shoes to wear with it, because her shoes are new.

Tomorrow I want to write at least 2500. About what? I have no clue yet.

*pantsing. verb. writing by the seat of your pants; writing without plans on what is going to happen.