Picking up

I am two days behind, but at least I’ve caught up a tiny bit. Last night I did my 1667 (which I hadn’t done since November 2) and I even went over, doing 2021 total. Today I have done 1627 and it’s only 9am. I am going to spend the day with my Mom, since it’s her birthday, but whatever I write when I get home later is catch up.

I still have to write a lot more depressing stuff into my novel, but I started writing some good stuff today (eventually, I decided, the mother has to get past the grief). I’ve been skipping around, so I skipped to the end and then will go back to other things. There will be more after this, more upswing, but it’s a start.

And I just passed the 1/3 mark, so that’s REALLY exciting. 🙂