Come On, Celebrate

As my away message says, I’m doing my 24k dance (24005 technically) to Come On, Eileen. Then back to work. I want 995 more before bedtime.

If every 1k gets a fun upbeat 80s song dance to celebrate, I can definitely see myself being more inspired to keep writing. I was thinking of stopping at 24k today, even though my goal is 25k, but then I switched Pandora to my 80s channel rather than jazz, and this is the song that came on first. So I’m back to jazz but at 25k I’ll go see what 80s gem I can dance to then. I think this technique can work for me.

Don’t think I mentioned, Q10 was being weird last night so I switched to WriteMonkey (google it, I’m too lazy to link, sorry). Loving it even more than Q10, so yay!

Back to the grindstone, I want to hear fun 80s not depressing jazz.