Apologies to my MC

After my public admonishment earlier in the day, I am forced to publicly recant my statements.

I hit ctrl-F to find the word “tea” in my novel so I can make notes of what to change, and the word is found 5 times.

But then out of curiosity I ctrl-F’d (“cun-TROL EF-d” … sort of like “Googled”) coffee and… duh, Emily was totally right. Not that I should have doubted her, but you can see that I did. I was surprised to see the following, from the day I started writing Emily’s narrative:

She tapped her left hand on her leg, pushed her hair behind her ears (one side at a time with her left hand), took a sip from the coffee mug she held in her right hand.


Emily, I hereby apologize to grief-stricken fictional you, because I didn’t realize I had given you coffee and then taken it away. I will make amends.

(I will not make amends for giving you and then taking away a husband, teenage daughter, and unborn child. In fact, I’m trying to think of what else I can take away. MWAH-HAHAHAHA!)