Um… well I guess this will add to my word count, so I should be happy?

I’ve written 28k, and Emily JUST told me that she’s a coffee fiend.

Me: Um, what? Last time you mentioned anything, you were making a cup of tea when you saw the ghost of your dead husband in the kitchen.
Emily: So change it. It’s not like it’s published yet.
But what about all the other scenes where you are sans coffee?
Add it, I need it. Must have it. COFFEE, coffee, coffee, coffee, coffee…
Okay, that’s just Garfield’s “candy candy candy” thing from the Halloween special.
I never claimed it was original. Now GIMME MY COFFEE!

See? I have no choice. I have to go add in coffee to a bunch of scenes or Emily will never forgive me. (Don’t remind her that all these deaths were my idea.)