32k song, goals

“Never Gonna Give You Up” by Rick Astley

Dancing included red heels and a hairbrush microphone. Having the house to myself is fun.

I don’t think I can get to 35k tonight, so the goal is 33,339, which was the goal for Thursday. Still two days behind, but I woke up almost 5 days behind. So that would make me very happy. Then if tomorrow I write as much as today, I’ll be at about 37,623. If I do 700 more it will be on track tomorrow night. Or I get to 33,339 tonight and then do 3331 the next two days and I’ll be caught up Monday night.

It’s very ambitious, but I really want to get back on track. I’ve been behind almost all month, and I hate it. So I’m putting all my energy into my goal: 40k by bedtime Monday night OR BUST!

About 2 1/2 hours to write 1299 words, gotta get back to that NOW.

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  1. I know you didn't ctually "choose" this song, but I think it's a great song… and you actually can apply the chorus to the book. Since you're not going to give up on writing it, nor turn around and desert it… etc…

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