Sunday: a Preview

By this time yesterday I had written over 1,000 words AND attended a chatroom meetup. Today I haven’t written anything. Yet. I have lots of time.

So the goal is to hit 40k tomorrow, which is back on track. That means I need to write at least 3330 today, and 3330 tomorrow. (More today and less tomorrow is okay too.) Today’s minimum total word count goal: 36,670.

I can do about 1k before I need to take a break, so I plan to do 1110, three times. At 35k I get two 80s songs and a frosted brownie.

I did a LOT yesterday (including moving scenes), so I need to check my outline and rearrange my notecards. I reprinted the novel so far, single spaced with a size 6 font, so I can take stock of things and mark where, and maybe what, I need to add. Then I can write more.