43k song…. and turkey…. and diary

Aerosmith, “Dream On”

Today I made a turkey dinner (thanks to help from my sister and my fiance) and it was a success. My first turkey! OMG, it was so exciting. 🙂

And then I thought about skipping writing today, but then I’ll have to do almost 2700 per day for the next three days, and I won’t do that. That’s crazy. So I’m working on it. 1k down, minimum 1k to go. Hopefully more. This 1k was all diary. I started out thinking I’d do 10k of diary, but did about 8k of it. So now that I’ve gotten close to the end, I added more diary entries to boost it and it’s 10020 of diary. Yay!

I really want to write my last part of the novel, but then the rest will feel even more like filler. So I’m waiting until I am satisfied with everything else. I have to skim the parts that I noted the other day and see if any part is done enough to call it done. That means summer, because I know I haven’t even started adding scenes in the fall. If summer is done, I have to add a few fall scenes, then it’s just the final scenes with the tattoo. That’s it. 6980 total words left to write. I will admit that in the middle of the month I had doubts as to whether or not I’d finish, but now I can almost TASTE victory.