3 of Swords

Sunday morning, I got a call from my mom to say that my uncle had been sick for quite a while, cancer, and that the doctors had given him the worst possible news. Why does it seem so many cancer patients get this sooner or later? Not much longer, nothing we can do, two weeks at most…

When Indigo Kelleigh posted on Monday the 3 of Swords in his 8-Bit Tarot series, I wasn’t thinking of my uncle. I was thinking of how beautiful the card is. I love that the swirls in the heart, added from the original RWS version, show not just the fact that the swords are piercing the heart, but the turmoil that causes internally. One meaning in the card is that of a heartbreak, and Indigo’s picture shows a heart that is indeed broken.

Then on Tuesday I got the call that my uncle passed away during the night. I was on the phone with my sister later, at lunch time, and decided to pull a card to see what lesson or insight I could take from the Tarot. Before I had time to shuffle and pull a card, I “accidentally” saw the one face-out on the bottom of the deck. The 3 of Swords, of course. So then my sister and I were talking about how the card obviously relates to the whole situation (and that’s as far as I’m going to say now, since I am at work and NOT on lunch, and don’t want to cry in front of the public here).

Now it’s Wednesday. The wake is tonight, and looking outside all I can see are storm clouds that (big surprise, ready for it?) look the the ones in the background of the 3 of Swords.

The funeral is tomorrow, and I’ll be on the lookout for some rain… or swords.

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