Sunday Scribblings #179: Key

I was busy planning my wedding, and writing/blogging fell to the side. I’m back and hopefully I will be doing Sunday Scribblings (almost) every week now. This one is short, but I like it.

The key to her heart. Did it even exist? She really wondered sometimes.

Why did it seem that some girls could open their hearts on their own, letting everyone in? She knew a girl that had a different boyfriend every week and wondered if those boys shared a key, or if the girl had simply made infinite copies? Or maybe they didn’t need a key anymore, because maybe once a heart was unlocked it grew in size so much that a little lock could no longer contain it.

What did the key to her heart look like? And how would a boy ever find it if she couldn’t even tell him what to seek? Was she doomed to a life filled with knitting and cats? Sure, knitting kept her warm. Sure, her cats made her happy, and she liked talking to them. She didn’t know much about love, but she was positive that yarn and pets weren’t the same as having a soul mate.

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