Preview of things to come?

In what I hope is a sign of good things in the future, I was at work Thursday night when a Mom actually asked about my YWP flier, and her daughter (11 years old) is excited to come and try to write her own book! I am thinking very positively on this, and hope to get more interested kids.

I have all the supplies in my desk at work (although maybe my Alphasmart shouldn’t be left in an unlocked drawer overnight… I’ll have to remember to move it into the other drawer next week), and I’ve started to think about how to go about the Kick-Off Party. An hour is not that long, and since the next meeting won’t be until the dreaded week 2, I want to make sure the kids are well-prepared. I will probably spend the next few weeks putting together packets to hand out, and the first page will include the flier with the dates as well as my work email address in case the kids need to contact me between meetings for help or encouragement. And of course they can always find me at the library!

Other preparations I’m doing? Going over the lists of tips I have, and waiting for inspiration (a character or plot) to strike that can work with my idea of writing backwards.

Oh! And about the white boards I mentioned that I got at the dollar store… I had an idea. Since these days most kids have cell phones with cameras, I will tell them that I need the boards cleaned by the end of the meeting, but if they have anything on there that they don’t want to lose they can take pictures with their phones. I tried it out with my blackberry and was amazed at how good the result was… this is not a real character I’m going to use, just wanted an example. (Are you impressed with my stick figure? Her skirt is a triangle and her top is a square, very advanced drawing techniques… lol)