Eric Carle has a blog!

I have always loved Eric Carle’s books. One of my earliest memories is the sound of my elementary school librarians’s voice as the grouchy ladybug saying, “You’re not big enough!” Years later, in my Children’s Literature class in grad school, it was easy to choose Carle as the subject of my oral report on a picture book author/illustrator. I even used his painted tissue paper technique to make my own butterfly collage.

If you’ve read my older posts you might recall that in February I linked to Jessica’s Art Smarts 4 Kids blog, where she shared how to make Valentine’s Day cards with Carle’s method. And a couple years ago I had an Eric Carle birthday party event at the library where I worked.

Well I was just on his website to look up something for another Carle program to run at my current library and found a link to his blog! Clearly I can’t let that slide without linking to it. There are 30 posts, so it won’t take long to read them all.

While you’re at it, if you want to see another picture book author/illustrator’s blog, check out Peter H. Reynolds’ Stellar Cafe. My first Reynolds book was ish, which I stumbled on quite accidentally. Then I read The Dot because it’s the required text for a week of the Family Story Power program here at the library. I am in love with these books and highly recommend them.