My Very Own Collage Tarot Majors (part 3)

I was hoping to have just two entries in this series, but I will have to have three. The good news is that I have officially finished collaging my first Majors-Only Tarot deck! Yay! The other good news is that I got a great deal on a new desk, and it sounds like I will have it built by the time I go to bed tomorrow night! 🙂 I have needed a place to call my own where I can keep my writing stuff and get work done, both writing and other creative things that need a large flat clean place (jugsaw puzzles? maybe!).

The bad news is that since the desk is at a great price for a limited time, and I had to drive to get it, and then we (Mom and I) went a couple other places, and then I still had to finish my cards… it’s too late to scan them tonight. Plus I’m at my parents’ house not my apartment, and I’m not sure how to use their scanner. Which means I MIGHT get some scanning done before the Tarot for Writers meetup (10am my time) but I can’t guarantee it. And of course, that means no pictures tonight.

Anyway, I’m actually very happy with the cards as a whole. Some could be better, and the imagery I was working with was obviously limited by the magazines at my disposal. But I think they are good. Some images are blatant, while others may need some explaining. Some things I LOVE (like that I was using a Parents magazine for October, thus several images of cute kids in costumes… like my wild-haired redheaded devil), and some are kind of silly… but considering the limitations involved, I can’t really complain. Justice was hard, so I skipped it and did it last, when there were less pictures to use which actually made it easier – I HAD to work with what was left. Judgment is very plain, with blue background and just one image, but it’s a father, child, and mother in shadow, hands up in the air… they are in the surf and it’s an ad for a tropical vacation, but it looks eerily similar to the family on the Rider-Waite Judgment card, so it was a no-brainer. After taping the cards together, I added titles directly from Corrine’s collage e-book.

I was going to wrap up now, but instead I am going to shuffle and pull a card. Let’s see what happens!

I got The Magician. There is a young-ish woman using a power tool to fix (install?) something in a doorway. There is a mustached man hammering with a chisel, as if to break a rock in two. And there is a mailbox, door open and full of letters. Sounds like I’m going to be using the tools tomorrow, and while Dad and my husband will be there to help, this is a job that I should take on myself. That makes sense – I’ve always preferred doing things without any help. When I was two and Mom would try to help me get dressed (or do anything else) I would stubbornly tell her, “I do myself.” Plus, since the desk is to be my own personal workspace, I will take greater pride in it if I can say that I assembled it myself.

My cards are officially deflowered! Now to put them back in order and go to bed, and hopefully in the morning I will wake in time to do some scanning before the meetup.

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