Jury Duty: The Knight of Wands

I was summoned for Jury Duty this week. I didn’t have to go to the courthouse on Monday. On Tuesday I had to be there at 1pm, and was part of a group of about 75 people who were brought into a courtroom for jury selection in a criminal case, expected to last two weeks. Questioning took a long time, and the first 24 people did not get results that day, so everyone had to return at 2pm Wednesday.

Yesterday morning, I decided to draw a card to see what might be in store for me at my second day of jury selection. I shuffled my Universal Waite deck and dealt one card: the Knight of Wands (the image here is from Learn Tarot).

I don’t know meanings for that one offhand, so of course I looked it up. Now, when I look things up I don’t have a single source for meanings. I have a big (formerly) blank-page journal where I have written down meanings from different books and websites, with each card getting its own page (front and back). Since I don’t plan on ever writing a book on Tarot, I don’t bother keeping track of where the information came from. So I can’t tell you where most of my definitions are from. I consulted my big black book and the thing that struck a chord was the line that said, “The Knight of Wands often predicts the sudden coming or going of an important matter.” I decided it meant that I was going to be in the group questioned that day, but I didn’t know what would happen. Either I would be selected (coming) or not selected (going) to be on the jury for a two-week criminal case (the important matter).

So what happened? Out of the first 24 questioned, 5 were selected to be jury members. They had to call another random 24 for questioning, and… I was right! I was called up as a potential jury member. I wasn’t chosen to be on the jury, which made me happy, and I was sent home. My service to my country is complete for now. So jury duty is over, the important matter is gone. Life is back to normal.

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