Gaian Tarot Oracle… surprisingly amazingly accurate

Wow. So I was reading an article on Joanna Powell Colbert’s Gaian Tarot (I ordered the special edition, I could not resist the opportunity to get a print of The Hermit for my wall in my creative corner, and it will soon be hanging above my desk) and there was a link to her online Oracle page for the deck. So naturally I headed over to do a virtual reading, looking for advice on NaNo. Here’s what I got:

The Opportunity: The High Priestess
The Challenge: Lightning
The Resolution: The Hermit

My gut instincts, without reading anything on the results page about the card meanings:

I was actually looking at someone’s notes on The High Priestess today and the correlation to prophecy, which is CLEARLY a reference to my story. The challenge being lightning made me think of the phrase “lightning-fast.” As in, November is the month for lightning-fast noveling and I am super-excited but also a little nervous. I know, I’ve won two years in a row. But I still have the butterflies in my tummy over whether or not I’ll succeed again. And the Hermit, which as I already mentioned above is a personal favorite, was the first card in this deck I ever saw, and it was in one of Corrine Kenner‘s Tarot for Writers chat meetups that I was asked to write about the card… as Cynthia pointed out to me, the Hermit in the Gaian Tarot is a writer. So my resolution is to write. Just go for it, stay positive and keep writing.

But not until November 1st, which is only a few more days away.


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