November 1st, writing at midnight

I wanted to write at least 1k before bed, but that is NOT going to happen. I have a weird back pain, and so this is not comfortable. Plus I need a lot more thought into the plot before the writing starts to flow easily. And yes, I wrote about 100 words, then rewrote the beginning and deleted them. I can’t help it, I have to edit as I type at least a LITTLE bit…. especially as I am still figuring out the beginning/end!

The positive note is that I actually started to write a modern-day urban fantasy. It’s New York City, but Lady Liberty is, in my novel, a statue of Athena. And Cassandra (first person narrative) said “Oh Zeus” instead of “Oh my God” so that’s me enforcing the Urban Fantasy genre, showing my readers right away that it’s’ modern day but that the Greek gods are still alive and well. Bedtime now, more writing in the morning.