November 1 final word count: 1738

Not quite the 2k I was hoping for, but still a decent start. I could get the last 262 words, easy, if I continue this scene, but I don’t want to have trouble starting to write tomorrow. So I left off at a place that I am excited to keep going with.

I started the day with a Tarot spread to help me organize my thoughts a bit more. I did realize a great way forward from the devastating ending to the story – instead of her being raped, taken captive as one of the spoils of war, and killed (which I never wanted to do to her anyway), I found a way to rewrite the end in my version of the story in a way that she can have a happily ever after. What a huge help that is! I think I will have the devastating ending, then the previous stuff happens, then finish with an epilogue that moves forward from the end of chapter one.

I did go to the Poughkeepsie region write-in today, and I even dragged my brother with me. He’s a first-time WriMo, and I wanted to make sure he doesn’t miss out on the fun. I told him he could leave whenever he wanted to, but that he should at least come for a little bit to see what a write-in is like. He said, “but I can’t write with people around,” and I retorted, “believe me, neither can I!” I go to write-ins for the socializing, and for bouncing ideas off of others. I wrote 55 words during the 3 hours that I was there.

Then I went to Walmart and spent $25 on candy. Then I came home and made dinner and procrastinated. Then I finally got writing. I decided that the first part, the end of the story, is hard for me because I don’t know what exactly came before it. So in writing my backwards story, I have decided to write backwards, which is forwards. LOL. I mean I started the end of the book tonight, but it’s the beginning of the story. I am creating my urban fantasy version of NYC as I go, so Cassandra was chased by older boys, football players, when she was 12 and ends up escaping into a church of Apollo. I left off with him talking to her about the magical gifts he can bestow on her… but she hasn’t quite received it yet.

The past few days I’ve started thinking of scrapping the whole idea of writing backwards, but as that is the challenge I set for myself I don’t want to give up so easily. So I have a new idea. I WILL write the story chronologically for the time being, but I will start each subsequent chapter by moving the cursor to the beginning of the current chapter… thereby writing the story forwards, but the book will be backwards. Then towards the end of the month I can review everything and make sure things are making sense in that order, and smooth out transitions and such. I think this is going to be a MUCH easier way to go with it, at least while I’m still figuring out the plot.

I’m still using the working title The Ultimate Rewind, which I hate but it’s the only thing I came up with so far. So that’s why my novel posts will have the tag TUR. But I will try to come up with something better as I go.