November 2 final word count: 3340

I’m still on target for the 50k in 30 days, but I’m not ahead of the word count enough to matter. All in good time, my friends. It’s starting to flow. Cassandra has successfully made her first prediction and it was proven true, and her mother is asking her to explain herself. That’s where I left off, mid-conversation. Since I’m not sure exactly where I’m going with my story yet, I’m trying to stop in the middle of things so it’s easier to pick up again the next day. So far so good.

I like see the facts, though. My mind is very logical. So here it is. Day 2 and I’m 6 words ahead (whoop-dee-doo), and I have written 6.68% of my 50k goal… Yay! That’s almost 10%! 🙂

This year, so far my inspiration is my Enya station at Pandora. This is my third year relying on it for NaNo and I hate the ads and love the website, so I paid the $36 to upgrade to Pandora One for a year. This let me download the desktop app, which is awesome so I don’t have to log into the site I can just click on the icon. Plus I don’t have to listen to ads. What prompted me was the ad that popped up while I was listening and writing and it was so jarring that I just had to upgrade.

No work tomorrow, but I have to do laundry and meet the new puppy in the family, so I probably won’t write until tomorrow night anyway…